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William Reed, 7th-dan in Yuishinkai Aikido
Reed Sensei discovered Aikido in 1963 at the age of 11, in an effort to learn self-defense after being bullied on the way home from school. This led to a lifetime commitment to study and teach Aikido, beginning in 1972 when he spent a year in Japan at university. You can read about in his Manga Bio online

He started Aikido with under Tohei Sensei at Aikikai, which at the time was the only Aikido school in existence. He joined the Ki Society when Tohei Sensei split off in 1974, and studied intensively with Tohei Sensei for close to 30 years, reaching 6th-dan and writing several books during that period, including Ki: A Practical Guide for Westerners, and Ki: A Road that Anyone Can Walk, the most comprehensive biography of Tohei Sensei in English. He joined the Yuishinkai in 2002, and currently holds a 7th-dan from Maruyama Sensei. 

Reed Sensei is also certified as an instructor in Nanba: the Japanese Art of Physical Finesse, which he has taught at a Toho Gakuen College of music in Japan, in addition to conducting regular training sessions in Nanba in Japan. Check the Nanba websites in English and http://www.nanbanote.com/ 

He is completely bilingual in Japanese and English, and has written numerous books in Japanese, including an Amazon Number One bestseller on Mindmapping. He is a prolific writer as a columnist, with several hundred articles in print. You can read his Creative Career Path column online 

He is also a Shihan in Shodo, brush calligraphy, and is active as an artist in painting Japanese characters in various media. 

His primary websites are at:
Personal Website
EMC Quest

Reed sensei has formed a close relationship with local Aikidoka (and  quantum physicist) Dr Anthony Rassmussen who will host Reed Sensei's visit through our dojo.

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