Seminar Programme

Evolution of Aikido Yuishinkai

We have requested and Reed sensei has agreed to teach a seminar on the evolution of Aikido Yuishinkai. This unique insight is the perfect accompanyment to our daily practice giving us a richer understanding of Maruyama Sensei's journey to form and develop Aikido Yuishinkai.

The aiki arts arrived through direct transmission to us from the Sokaku Takeda, along the way drawing influences from many other teaching. While Eastern audiences seek to practice as the teaching requires, in the West an understanding of 'Why' is often an unspoken and unasked question.  As a bridge between East and West Reed sensei can help us cross this chasm and understand more the beauty and richness of Aikido Yuishinkai through tracing the path of evolution.

This seminar on the evolution of Aikido Yuishinkai will highlight these purposes, their meanings and relevance for our personal practice. This tour de force through workshop style classes will examine many of the facets of Aikido Yuishinkai and illuminate with deeper meaning through cultural and root art context the purposes of the practice.

We are hoping to facilitate lunch for the weekend from local establishments. We also request the attendees wear slip on footwear to the edge of the mat.

Thursday Evening 6:30-8:30pm
Preseminar Nanba 

Friday Evening Aug 16th
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Shindou The healing Arts 

Join Reed Sensei for an introduction to Shindou and the healing arts of Aikido Yuishinkai.
Shindou is the crystalisation of Maruyama sensei exploration of Soutai, Yuki and Reiki. Reed sensei will explore the historical contexts of these arts and how they came to be merged with our own practice in Aikido Yuishinkai

Join us afterwards for a cheeky drink or two

Saturday Morning Aug 17th 
9:30 am - 12:00
Aiki Taiso Foundations 
Taiso, Waza, and Kata

Beginning with the solo exercises at the start of class, and proceeding to Aiki Taiso, the correct understanding of the links between solo exercise and paired practice is the key to improving your skill and understanding of Aikido techniques. Emphasis in the practice will be on mastery of the solo exercises as the shortcut to effective application of Aikido Waza. We will also look at why the practice of Kata leads to fundamental improvements.

It is anticipated there will be several lunch options available

Saturday Afternoon Aug 17th
1:00 - 3:00 pm
Progressive Levels for Practice of Aikido 

Maruyama Sensei's progressive revelation of multiple levels of aikido practice takes us from the static foundation through logical steps to move from practices of the body, the mind and ultimately the soul. Through this progression it is possible to understand more completely and develop our own practice in the spirit of the founder.

There are 6 levels of technique:
Kotai, Juntai, Ryūtai for the body. The 3 fundamental levels show the essential mechanics of the technique, how they become connected and abbreviated in movement, and how to synchronize movements without breaking the flow. Aikido Arts actually begin with Ryūtai. Emphasis in the practice will be on the proper way to approach Ryūtai.
Nentai, Kūtai, Kontai for the mind and soul. The 3 advanced levels are impossible to grasp without first achieving proficiency in the fundamental levels. Kūtai and Kontai have formerly been reserved for advanced students, and because they are highly abbreviated and depend on a deep connection with Ki, they are difficult to practice properly. However, Nentai serves as a perfect bridge from the fundamental to the advanced levels, because it  incorporates elements of the physical and the internal movements through the tanden. Emphasis in the practice will be on understanding and practice of Nentai.  

Saturday afternoon 3pm Photos and presentations

Saturday Evening, from 6pm
Seminar Dinner
 and Barefoot Bowls
Mt. Gravatt Bowls Club

$15-20(mains) + $10(bowls) ( at own cost)

Sunday morning, come early for the  showground Markets

Sunday Morning Aug 18th 
9:00 am -11:30
Tips for Aikido Weapons Practice and Mastery

Aikido has been developed with many insights from the kobujustu weapons schools. Reed Sensei takes us on this journey with insights from these schools, together with making sense of the esoteric writing of the martial arts masters of the past (Miyamoto Musashi, Tsukahara Bokuden, and other Sword masters) that can transform our Aikido. He will share his experience meeting and interviewing the current headmasters of both the Shinkageryu in Nagoya, and Jigenryu in Kagoshima.

Within the time available, Reed Sensei will also highlight some of the tips given by Maruyama Sensei in instructor training in Japan on how to practice the Bokken and Jo Kata, showing the reason for the movements in light of paired practice. Emphasis will be on practice tips and highlights, rather than teaching all of the kata from start to finish.

Sunday Afternoon Aug 18th 
11:30pm - 12:00pm Seniors Meeting

Sunday Afternoon Aug 18th
1:00 -3:00 pm
Aiki Roots and Samurai Secrets 

Aiki is the joining not only with partner but within our body. The influences of Daitoryu and Nanba gives us windows into the deeper practices of Aikido Yuishinkai. Understanding how to connect and integrate the movements of our own bones and joints is key to understanding how to move others. Reed Sensei will show some of the practical applications of this awareness and movement to Aikido techniques. In addition, we will look at Samurai secrets for binding the body through use of tenugui in binding the forehead, obi in binding the belly or hara, and use of Japanese footware such as zori, tabi, and geta to bind the feet and complete the internal connection that generates integral strength.